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Action Africa has initiated a bold new venture in the medical field for its mission outreach in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

We are presently putting together a Mental Health Improvement Team of U.S. psychiatrists and a team of U.S. Prosthetic Medical Doctors that will be going to Sierra Leone to strengthen the mental health system, as guided by the Sierra Leone Government Mental Health Policy Statement, and also provide a much needed prosthetics medical treatment in the region. The country of Sierra Leone has one active psychiatrist for nearly eight million people, many of whom were traumatized after their 10-year civil war, followed by the Ebola crises, and then the devastating mudslides. The civil war has created many amputees who lost their limbs due to extremism. Action Africa has been working with the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone, and its Psychology Chair, Dr. Rebecca Esliker, a renowned authority in the mental health field in Sierra Leone, to bring this project to realization in early to mid-2019. The Mental Health Improvement Team will assist local mental health experts to implement the National Mental Health Plan, utilizing the University of Makeni as its base of operations. Action Africa hopes to move the US Mental Health Team and the Prosthetics team to work closely with the new President and the country’s Ministry of Health.

Action Africa responds to the immediate and underlying survival needs of Africans on the continent. In 2017, Action Africa sent two 40-foot containers of pandemic supplies, food and nutritional supplies to Sierra Leone and Nigeria worth over $750,000, delivered. In Sierra Leone this helped to assist in relieving the distress after mudslides killed over 1000 people in 2017. (See and listen to the Voice of America (VOA) video report). Action Africa continues to collect pandemic supplies from corporations that have given generously in the past and from individual contributors. However, it needs funding to receive and store, sort, ship, and distribute these supplies.

During the Ebola crises in West Africa in 2014, Action Africa delivered six 40-foot containers (each valued at about $500,000), which contained pandemic and hospital supplies to Sierra Leone which was then devastated by the Ebola crisis with thousands of deaths. Action Africa also sent a 40-foot container of approved prescription medications worth more than $2 Million into Nigeria. Up to 25 medical centers and hospitals participated in the mass distribution and implementation of the program aimed at protecting and boosting immunity levels to fight off the spread of tropical diseases among the populations.

In 2012, Action Africa partnered with Project Cure and sent its Executive Director, together with other team members from the U.S., to work with volunteers at Action Salone on Health and Education (ASHE) – a local NGO and sister-organization to Action Africa. Together, they did complete assessment needs of 12 government and national hospitals in Sierra Leone. These assessments were necessary to ascertain the real needs of these healthcare facilities and to plan adequately toward any possible support by way of medical supplies and equipment. As a result of the assessments, Action Africa embarked on various efforts to obtain and deliver much needed medical supplies to some of the government hospitals as well as some private hospitals. Action Africa delivered three 40-foot containers of much needed medical equipment and supplies into Sierra Leone just before the Ebola outbreak hit the region.


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