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DC Outreach

Urgent call to action: Learn about Action Africa's Food Security Program in the Washington, DC area. 

Life for inner-city youth in large metropolitan areas like Washington, DC can be challenging, especially during summer months. Local governments now introduce appropriate job training experiences for many teenagers, and many churches and organizations organize camps and summer programs. For a couple of years, Action Africa has found ways to extend support to areas programs that benefit young people in our region. The Capitol City Striders, a DC-based youth athletic club, is one such group.

Mr. Earnest Williams Sr., Co-Founder of the Capitol City Striders recently wrote: "As we enter our third season, we are truly thankful about the accomplishments that our youth athletes achieved. Our club has continued its mission of building character, courage and success in the lives of more than 60 inner city youth who have been a part of our program. 

"Academically, some of our scholars have moved on to high school and still demonstrate excellence.  Other scholars have matriculated to middle school and they are ranked at the top of their middle school classes.  More than 75 percent of our student athletes have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

"Athletically, we have produced two nationally ranked runners, 8 gold medalists, 10 silver medalists, and 15 bronze medalists at the District and Regional AAU Championships in 2012 and 2013.  

"Your donations have afforded us an opportunity to expose more than 30 youth athletes to national competitions in the Southwestern and the Midwestern United States. Without your support, these athletes' economic situations would not provide such an opportunity.

"For this reason, we are highly appreciative and humbled to have donors and supporters backing our efforts of volunteering our time and committing to positively impacting the lives of young people..."


Action Africa's "Washington Neighborhood Outreach" programs are aimed at implementing actions that directly impact people in our region. This is a commitment we made since our founding. Other beneficiary groups of our local outreach include the Elegant Women of Oru (Nigeria), and the Elegant Women of Sierra Leone. This part of our local engagement directly impacts and strengthens our capacity building efforts, from which we then launch out to some of our program development and implementations in parts of Africa.

We provide targeted support to children and families.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Action Africa is to provide services in the vital areas of health, education, micro-enterprise development, and human rights for African children and families.

Our Vision

Action Africa is an energetic non-profit response by Africans and friends of Africa to the challenges facing children and families in rural villages of sub-Saharan Africa in the vital areas of health, education, economic generativity, and human rights. To strengthen its capacity-building efforts, Action Africa also responds to the needs of newly arriving African immigrants and refugees in the U.S.

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