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While still seeking to expand its reach and effectiveness, Action Africa has the following partners:

  • African Action on Health & Education (AAHE) – a Nigeria-based NGO organized to replicate the goals and objectives of Action Africa, Inc.

  • Action Salone on Health & Education (ASHE) – a Sierra Leone-based NGO organized to replicate the goals and objectives of Action Africa, Inc.

  • Aid for Africa – a US-based umbrella organization with over 80 approved member charities that have on-the-ground programs in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Action Africa is a member.

  • Amen Foundation – a US-based religious charity that supports the training and work of Catholic missionaries who now serve on all continents, but mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Community Initiative Program (CIP-SL) – a Sierra Leone-based NGO that develops and implements programs in health and wellness, education, micro-finance, and agriculture among rural populations.

  • Pro-microfinance International – a Republic of Congo – based NGO that offers micro-credit programs to rural women and others in order to create sustainable economic development.

  • Oru Progressive Union (OPU-USA) – a US-based Nigerian charity that organizes members and friends to support rural development in Imo State, Nigeria.

  • Shepherd Foundation – a Sierra Leone-based NGO that supports programs that engage children in academic, social and cultural development.

  • USAIDA, Inc – a USA-based organization that works to deliver medical assistance to needy people in various parts of Africa through its working partners.


To these partners, we say: Thank You. Please contact us if your company or organization wants to work with us. 

We provide targeted support to children and families.

Our Mission

The mission of Action Africa is to provide services in the vital areas of health, education, micro-enterprise development, and human rights for African children and families.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Action Africa is an energetic non-profit response by Africans and friends of Africa to the challenges facing children and families in rural villages of sub-Saharan Africa in the vital areas of health, education, economic generativity, and human rights. To strengthen its capacity-building efforts, Action Africa also responds to the needs of newly arriving African immigrants and refugees in the U.S.

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