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During the pandemic one of Action Africa's partners accomplished a great feat and published a six-volume set on diction which will help Nigerians coming from different backgrounds to have the correct accent when interviewing for a job or a school placement. Demands for this set has come from primary schools through college.

Impeccable Diction is a series of books on the English language produced by Action Africa's partner African Action on Health and Education (AAHE), a non-governmental organization founded and based in Nigeria. The goal of the series is to advance communication effectiveness among students, teachers, and others, including professional bodies that use the spoken English language on a daily basis. AAHE works with seasoned elocution and phonetics scholars whose teaching experiences transverse the multifaceted levels of learning that have supported the training of teachers, principals and other educators at reputable schools on Jolly Phonics, Phonetics, and Grammar.

AAHE is committed to rebranding education in Nigeria as it pertains to this subject by imbuing in both learners and teachers the requisite pronunciation skills that were earlier lost in their foundation days in English language. This series is thus aimed at churning out the right caliber of learners, educators, and speakers that are not just good at grammar, but also eloquently and phonetically correct, as well as socially intelligible.

AAHE is in partnership with reputable primary and secondary schools in Enuga State, Nigeria, that have been benefitting from its wealth of knowledge. The successes of these initiatives will definitely be of benefit to tertiary institutions as well.

AAHE is an energetic organization that provides targeted support to children, families and execution of governmental and private projects in different parts of Nigeria. AAHE is affiliated with Action Africa, Inc., a volunteer run 501(C) (3) non-profit organization based in Washington D.C, USA. It was founded in 2000 by Dr. Chris Nwaka Egbulem, a Nigerian-born American Citizen. Action Africa Inc. is a tax-exempt organization recognized by the American IRS: EIN 52-2233698 and is run by a highly qualified, dedicated, active, volunteer Board of Directors. AAHE’s sister-organization is Action Salone on Health and Education, an NGO of similar values founded and based in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


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