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Action Africa invites a wider participation of our friends, collaborators, and donors.

Action Africa is an energetic and proactive non-profit response by Africans and friends of Africa to the challenges facing children and families in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa in the vital areas of health, education, economic generativity, and human rights. We have a basket of ongoing and projected activities:

1. Continued development and expansion of the Students Computer Literacy Project in Enugu State, Nigeria, and throughout Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and sub-Saharan Africa. (see program video on this website.) This includes the Information Technology Center (ITC) at Enugu, Nigeria, for adult computer literacy, which will help to sustain the Student Computer Literacy Project.

2. In Sierra Leone, Action Africa has initiated a bold new venture in the medical field. We are presently putting together a volunteer Mental Health Improvement Team of U.S. psychiatrists and a team of prosthetics doctors that will be going to Sierra Leone to strengthen the mental health system and provide prosthetics services to the affected populations.

3. Action Africa is exploring through a new partnership, the distribution of inexpensive solar powered lanterns in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. These solar lamps can provide light in areas where electricity is lacking or irregular. They can provide lighting 6 hours a day, can charge up to 4 phones a day, and have a 5-year life span. They can be of particular use to students, especially in rural areas and schools.

4. Ebola continues to strike sub-Saharan Africa, with most recent cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo. People have already died. In response we are seeking continued development and implementation of our demonstration project known as “African 360 Health Solutions” currently in trial mode in a region of Nigeria and intended for expansion in other parts of sub-Saharan Africa. We are working in conjunction with our partners African Action on Health and Education (AAHE) in Nigeria and Ladlas Prince LLC, a Service Disabled and Minority Owned Business in Michigan, US. African 360 Health Solutions (A360HS) is an electronic-based program for gathering, analyzing and disseminating critical health information through the utilization of low wattage, solar and battery powered computer systems which can be used in the hinterlands, not connected to the national grid. It strengthens the health sector through computerization of doctors’ offices, community hospitals and in-house pharmacies, community pharmacy stores, community retail outlets, banking/financial and insurance services, capital/credit access for healthcare entrepreneurs. This system, when in operation, is able to announce the early beginnings of a possible epidemic and thus be a warning for immediate action and solutions.

5. Action Africa Inc. continues to collect pandemic supplies from corporations that have given generously in the past and from individual contributors. However, it needs ongoing funding to store, prepare, ship, and distribute the donated supplies into and within Sierra Leone and Nigeria – and other regions of great need such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Action Africa has recently developed partnership agreements with other organizations that are on the ground in the Congo.

6. Action Africa Inc., through its partners in Sierra Leone, Action Salone in Health and Education (ASHE), and in Nigeria, African Action on Health and Education (AAHE), has access to tracts of land in Sierra Leone and Nigeria that can be developed to introduce innovative farm techniques such as the development of multi-tier planting and harvesting, the upgrading of raw products in the development chain, and the development of micro-enterprises to market these products. These efforts are aimed at helping participant families to gain economic freedom for themselves and for their communities.

7. For the Washington DC metropolitan area, Action Africa has developed a two-week workshop proposal entitled “Culture Crossroads: An Intensive Two-week Program for African Immigrant Families in the Washington Metropolitan area.” The goal of the program is to help both immigrant African parents/guardians and young children identify and begin resolving conflicts stemming from traditional African value systems and the American culture. Funding sources are being sought to implement this program on a rotating basis to benefit youth and families. This youth-oriented program will link up with Action Africa’s annual “A Taste of Africa” community celebration of African heritage, food, and music.

To continue this mission, Action Africa invites a wider participation of our friends, collaborators, and donors. It is in partnership that we can achieve resounding results.

JOIN US! Thank you.

Dr. Chris N. Egbulem President.


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