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Shipments make a big difference.

Everyone knows that Sierra Leone is just recovering; the population in the Tonkolili District is about 415,000 and the Magburka Hospital has only 3 doctors, which means about one doctor for every 150,000. Everyone knows that Sierra Leone is just recovering.

This past July, Action Africa partnered with Project Cure and sent out its first 40’ container of medical supplies, worth more than $500,000. The supplies were organized to be shipped to Magburka Hospital, in the town of the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone. One of Action Africa’s staff members flew to Sierra Leone to oversee the arrival of the medical containers, and traveled with it all to Magbruka Hospital in order to ensure its safe delivery.

Prior to the arrival of the shipment, the hospital in Magbukra lacked medical equipment, supplies, and medications. Unfortunately, Magburka was not the only hospital that was in desperate need of supplies and medications. The country as a whole is poor and the government is doing its best but it needs external support to address the basic health needs of the people as a whole. Because of the desperate needs, the container was timely and welcomed by all and the joy and jubilation in the town was exuberant. The chanting and singing of its people and children applauding on the sides of the roads quickly followed a motorcade. Everyone was overwhelmed and happy; people of all ages assisted with the unpacking and storage of the supplies. High officials saluted its arrival; this will make a monumental impact on the lives of all the people.

Now the hospital of Magbukra is in an enhanced shape to deliver quality services to improve the health of its people. By improving their health, their lifespan will increase, and their quality of life will be enhanced as a result, which will further restore hope for a healthier lifestyle tomorrow. It is only when one is well that he or she can make a contribution towards the development of their home and city, and it is only when they are well that they can walk, achieve something and plan and DO what they planned, and gain overall positive results.

Human resources are still a challenge, and they still need further support, but this is a beginning. As you continue to support Action Africa, you will be supporting the people of Tonkolili District and the countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

This is just a start- Action Africa also has medical outreach programs in parts of Nigeria.


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