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Corporate Support Makes a Big Difference

Action Africa is receiving the support of many individuals and families across the United States and beyond in its fight against the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa. This grounded support is the basis for the progress that our organization has made in this health crisis. Action Africa has people on the ground in the countries where we work. We invite more individuals and groups to join this effort by donating generously to Action Africa today.

Action Africa also partners with corporate entities which do, in different measures, support our offensive approach to fighting the Ebola epidemic in the countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and soon in Liberia and Guinea. Special donations from the EP Federal Credit Union and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have come in very handy. Action Africa also received large quantity donations of medical supplies and protective gear from Medical Services Units of the Lockheed Martin Corporation which were immediately shipped to assist health workers fighting to stop the spread of Ebola. Our partnership with London Mining Company (England & Sierra Leone) has supported the sourcing and shipping of large quantities of medical supplies. These corporate entities and others help Action Africa in its mission to save lives.

Action Africa continues to welcome corporate donations in cash and/or kind to continue its offensive against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Please contact our office to arrange for pick-up and delivery of relevant supplies from any region. We currently aim at shipping out a 40-foot container of targeted supplies each month to affected areas.


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