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Message from the Action Africa President - the Novel Coronavirus pandemic:

We are halfway through the month of March 2020. Our world is currently being terrorized by the novel Coronavirus 19. Schools are shutting down; churches cannot congregate; events are canceled; stock markets are imploding; and suddenly, our tomorrows are not as clear as they seemed just a short month ago. In a lot of ways, this pandemic is bringing humanity to its knees.

I wish to briefly address our peoples of African descent here in North America. We are a very resilient people. We tend to somehow survive many odds. Something in our genes knows how to navigate through danger. That said, let us know that this viral attack is more than a war between tribes. With so many of our members in the health care industry, we face greater exposures and higher risks for infections. Do your work well but be vigilant. Follow essential safeguards and regulations and be safe. Think about this: many have parents and relatives at home who fit the very high risk categories. These viruses are deadly!

Our calendars are already so congested with planned events: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, wakes and memorials, etc. We love our gatherings and we have the best DJs and entertainers in town. But wait: now is not the time to do any of these. We do not just shake hands; we hug tight! We dance until we sweat! We rub off each other constantly. This kind of viral infection can clean out our communities and leave plenty of pain in its path. If you have to do any dancing soon, go to your basement.

I know that we are a very religious group of people. We often have our way of putting God front, back and center. I have heard some say: it’s not our portion! I hear you. But if your pastor asks you to defy the scientists and go to church anyway, I say to you, stay home and pray from home. I would rather that you be alive and go to your church much later than be taken to your church sooner.

Information is key. Be informed and be on alert. And if you run into any survival needs, let someone know, because we care. We here at Action Africa will keep our hearts open to all our people. If you need to reach us, email:

Dr. Chris N. Egbulem,

Action Africa Founder/President


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