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Replication of Action Africa's mission is happening on the ground.

Action Africa’s program development and implementation in Nigeria has been in place since the early 2000s. There were initial medical missions, educational support outreach, and micro-enterprise incentives. People associated with Action Africa in Washington DC were so enthusiastic about the Nigerian outreach such that by 2003, a team from the Washington office travelled to Nigeria for four weeks. It was both for fact-finding and a time to establish what was soon to become the beginning of a new local organization. By 2005, African Action on Health & Education (AAHE), Nigeria, was born and registered with the Nigerian Government as a non-governmental organization. AAHE was founded to replicate the mission and values of Action Africa Inc, Washington DC, thus emphasizing its focus on health, education, sustaining economics, and human rights. Currently, AAHE-Nigeria has three active coordinating offices at Owerri, Enugu, and Lagos.

AAHE has a key administrative and program office in Enugu, Enugu State. At this location, the organization has followed up on initial studies that it commissioned and thereby implemented a demonstration project for computer literacy for school children in the region. A team of computer teachers, technicians, and advisors are using mobile means to go between local schools to educate primary and secondary students. This project is very prophetic indeed. It is offering young people a chance to ready themselves for higher education both locally, nationally, and internationally.

At a time when access to admissions to higher educational institutions is very much limited to those who are able to apply and be tested electronically, Action Africa’s computer literacy programs take a bold position in favor of the less privileged. With 700 students who joined the program in its first year, it is estimated that as many as 3,400 students would have participated in the program by the end of the second year. Because of the success of this program, it is also envisioned that nearby and surrounding States will soon seek to integrate this AAHE program into their curriculum.

The national office of AAHE is at Owerri, Imo State. This is also the city where the current Country Leader of AAHE is resident. Attorney Tony Amadi, KSM, who has served the organization for years as Legal Adviser, was recently appointed by the Trustees to become the new National/Country Leader of AAHE. Part of his current agenda is to extend the computer literacy program into Imo and other States in the next few months.


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