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A thank you, and a call for support!

The vast majority of the accomplishments of Action Africa have been shouldered by individual benefactors, families and friends, who often remain silent in their support. In silence too, we recognize them and continue to appreciate their generosity and commitment. The thousands of families and children who have been served through this organization will forever thank these good people. It is also with the same heart filled with appreciation that we must mention the several dozens of volunteers and fill-in staff who continue to serve this organization on two continents. Some serve on the various Boards, and others on the committees and operational staffs.

This past year we have brought on board new volunteers. We would like to welcome Sean Wang, a gifted CPA who is assisting us in accounting, proposal reviews and expanding our reach in social media including the ongoing development and updating of our website. We also were able to attract a graphic designer that did the video on the Computer Literacy Project on this website and a professional person who does voice-overs for videos. If you wish to volunteer your services, please contact Pierre Bergeron, Esq., M.Div. at 202-213-7245 and at A copy of your resume would be appreciated.

Volunteering is not enough. Funding is needed immediately to support the U.S. Mental Health Improvement Team to travel to and throughout Sierra Leone in 2019. Funding is further needed to expand the reach of the mobile Computer Literacy Project and Information Communication Technology Center which with a few contributions can reach thousands rather than hundreds of students and adults develop skills that will further the quality of life and the development of a people. Please go to the Donate button on this website or send checks to Action Africa, Inc., 2903 Mills Avenue N.E., Washington, D.C. 20018 with your tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your consideration.


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