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Josephine’s School for the Poor in Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Josephine began her school in a 2-room house in Lunsar for the children of the very poor, whose families could not afford school fees. Josephine is a mother of 5 and was able to afford to send her children to school. They are now grown and she is alone. Hence, she started this school to give other children the same opportunity her children had. The school is overcrowded, but she is still committed to offer the children a place to come to learn, play and have one nutritious meal each day.

Josephine talked about the school repairs needed due to the heavy rains.  The roof on both rooms requires substantial repairs, totaling $250 for labor and supplies. Josephine also would like to purchase more chairs at $1 per chair. These are used during larger events, sports and church activities and encourage community gatherings.  

In the past, Action Africa has strongly supported this school by providing stools for the children, educational items and much more and continues to be a helping hand.

Children whom Action Africa sponsored several years ago have now graduated, and will be the future of the country. Education is paramount to their overall success. We applaud Josephine’s dedication contributing to the overall  success of these children. Your small contribution will go a long way in guaranteeing her future goals.

Action Africa works hard to encourage the growth of education and supports acts like those of Josephine.


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