Where We Work

Action Africa has been active on the ground in the two West African countries of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and in the United States. New program initiatives are planned in other African countries.

- Nigeria is the largest country in Africa by population, with an estimated human population of 140 million. Action Africa teams are present in Imo, Anambra, Enugu, and Lagos States. Nigeria has a very large number of immigrant population in the United States, many of whom participate in the U.S. programs as we/ll.

- Sierra Leone has been ranked among the lowest on the world economic index. Action Africa teams are present in North, Central and Southern Sierra Leone. Some of our programs are done in collaboration with our partners on the ground. Since the end of its 10-year civil war, Sierra Leone lost a large number of its citizens to other countries, many of whom are in the United States as refugees and permanent residents.

- Washington DC: Action Africa’s corporate offices are located in Washington DC. Since our establishment in 2000, there have been program outreach and support initiatives toward Africa immigrants and refugees in the region. These programs go beyond the African populations to reach many others in the region and beyond. There are programs targeting children and families throughout the year. Action Africa’s partnership initiatives with World Vision-USA is a great step toward expanding our mission in support of children and youth in the region.

From the very beginning of this organization, as part of our commitment to the citizens of this city that hosts our office, as well as those in surrounding counties, we initiated programs that addressed certain neighborhood needs. We discovered that many newly arrived African immigrants in the area do not even know how to begin sorting things out unless they have immediate family members already living in the area. Typically, Africans are not quick in expressing personal and family needs, including hunger and serious medical needs. It is even harder for them to show up at public locations, to fill out forms, and tell their stories. Many immigrant children have suffered so much due to this social and cultural baggage. We stepped forward in these matters. In partnership with World Vision, our local programs began to pay greater attention to the needs of children and young people. We also partnered with some local church communities. Monthly supplies of educational and household goods received as gifts-in-kind from World Vision and other sources go toward our local outreach programs. Food and nutritional supplies have also been received and distributed. Consequently, Action Africa provided the following support to newly arrived immigrants from Africa:

  1.  A hospitality program to assist immigrant families
  2. An educational support program that provide books and study materials
  3. A food and nutrition program that responds to new immigrant family needs
  4. A cultural awareness program that promotes awareness and respect for one’s heritage as well as people of other ethnic origins
  5. A job preparation and referral program, including support outreach to immigrants who decide to return to homelands to take up leadership positions among their people.
  6. A capacity building program to assist small immigrant associations form themselves as viable corporations.

- Action Africa is now doing ground work for program development and implementation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mali, and Uganda.


Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone: 8.460555, -11.779889


Nigeria: 9.081999, 8.675277

Traveling to Africa, you will meet people who are so grateful for every little thing. You will be amazed by the unique kind of hospitality that you feel and experience there. Life in general is very simple. It is not necessary to go out there with some grandiose plan, but rather to simply be ready to touch a few hearts. There is always someone who needs your presence and your words and acts of hope, and to whom you can make a small but meaningful difference.

People in most parts of sub-Saharan African possess a limited number of materialistic items. They often live with only those items very necessary to survive: items to cook their limited, but nonetheless, a nutritional meal; a means to obtain clean water sometimes from several miles away; and a kind of bed to lie on. They live and die, while honoring every moment and cherishing every day. Their simplicity emits radiant energy. They remain joyful or at least so it seems, in spite of very challenging life circumstances. There is always an abundance of appreciation for the opportunity to feed their family, and see their children attend school.

Action Africa has boots on the ground in the regions where we work with the people. Our key volunteers are village leaders and local entrepreneurs. Anything we can give to support them is welcomed with open arms. Their requests are purely to support their immediate and dire needs. They tell their own stories and sing their own songs. Therefore when you support Action Africa, you help to make an enduring impact. The success of our projects depends upon your ongoing support.