A Word From The President

Here we are at the beginning of summer of 2015. Already, my family and I have had the opportunity to be at a number of celebrations: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and especially, graduations. All around the Washington-Baltimore region, and I believe it must be the same all around the country, ballrooms are rocking and backyards are simmering with aroma of he good life. At the end of each of these gatherings, people pick up and thrash barely-bitten hamburgers, fleshy chicken parts, just-kissed cans of sodas, and sweating half-full bottles of beer. Moments like these offer us occasions to ponder and remember the millions of children around the world who must wait for Christmas – once a year – to eat what they consider their best and full meal of the year.

I remember standing in front of a Grade school class in Africa and something led me to speak about eating out with friends here in the US at an “All-U-can-eat” restaurant. I was still trying to tell how it works and then almost every child had hands up with questions. For many of them, that restaurant represented the ultimate image of heaven.

I want to personally invite you, as you visit this site, to take a moment to consider joining our effort to provide basic food and nutrition to needy children and families in sub-Saharan Africa. Make a recurring monthly donation to sustain your impact. Thank you.

Author: Action Africa

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