Action Africa is reaching out and partnering with local community organizations, cooperative entities, farmers’ groups and others in an effort to be an effective catalyst in growing more food and providing nutrition to local populations in Africa. This effort is occurring in many fronts. Although much of our program outreach in previous years have centered in the two West African countries of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, this current food security program has attracted interest even as far away in East Africa as Uganda. Action Africa remains open to expand its reach and providing any available and needed resources in regions where the benefits can be life-saving for many.

We are so often asked to talk about what crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock that we promote the most. Our approach is dynamic. Different regions may be very good at one or the other item, and local diets may differ from one region to another. However in the fight against hunger, adequate nutrition is of more concern than regional particulars. Some are planting fruits, some vegetables, and some raising livestock. An organization in southern Nigeria is now able to plant tomatoes and onions in large quantities in an area that previously did not do so. Also farmers in a region of northern Sierra Leone are now producing plenty of palm oil where they didn’t before.

I am so fascinated by the unique position that cassava has taken in sustaining the lives of people across sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. The miracle of the cassava stick is that it grows to produce food under the soil and vegetables above ground. There are not many food crops like the cassava!

Author: Action Africa

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