Traveling to Africa, you will meet people who are so grateful for every little thing. You will be amazed by the unique kind of hospitality that you feel and experience there. Life in general is very simple. It is not necessary to go out there with some grandiose plan, but rather to simply be ready to touch a few hearts. There is always someone who needs your presence and your words and acts of hope, and to whom you can make a small but meaningful difference.
       People in most parts of sub-Saharan African possess a limited number of materialistic items. They often live with only those items very necessary to survive: items to cook their limited, but nonetheless, a nutritional meal; a means to obtain clean water sometimes from several miles away; and a kind of bed to lie on. They live and die, while honoring every moment and cherishing every day. Their simplicity emits radiant energy. They remain joyful or at least so it seems, in spite of very challenging life circumstances. There is always an abundance of appreciation for the opportunity to feed their family, and see their children attend school.
       Action Africa has boots on the ground in the regions where we work with the people. Our key volunteers are village leaders and local entrepreneurs. Anything we can give to support them is welcomed with open arms. Their requests are purely to support their immediate and dire needs. They tell their own stories and sing their own songs. Therefore when you support Action Africa, you help to make an enduring impact. The success of our projects depends upon your ongoing support.


A Word From The President

Before coming to the United States, I spent close to a dozen years visiting, living, and working in several African countries. From the US, I went back to some other African countries on research and mission trips. Sometimes, it was a trip as short as one week; in others, I lived there for more than…


New Event!

A Taste of Africa

When? Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, 8 pm - 1 am.
Where? La Fontaine Bleue Ballroom, 7963 Annapolis Road, Lanham, MD

Action Africa welcomes your participation at this fabulous awareness and fundraising event that includes keynote speakers, raffle and silent auction items, an exciting African menu, and cultural music.