July 30, 2014 - Since this most recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, hundreds of people have lost their lives so quickly. The countries of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and now Nigeria, have recorded deaths due to the outbreak. Although early intervention may save lives, there is still no known cure to the desease. Some of the most prominent doctors and nurses in Liberia and Sierra Leone who stood out to fight the outbreak have themselves lost their lives doing so. Countries are closing their land, sea, and air borders; fear is on the rise among the populations; trade and the economy are distabilizing in regions that cannot afford another disaster; the very ill are isolated; and funerals are carried out by people some of whom themselves fit the profile of the walking dead.

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DC: Action Africa Reaches Out To Capital City Striders

Life for inner-city youth in large metropolitan areas like Washington DC can be challenging, especially during summer months. Local governments now introduce appropriate job training experiences for many teenagers, and many churches and organizations organize camps and ...

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Nigeria: A Giant Harassed by Boko Haram Insurgents

Nigeria, proudly sitting on the West coast shoulder of Africa, is the most populous country on the continent. With an estimated 170 million inhabitants, it is indeed a human powerhouse for the region. On the economic front, Nigeria has also advanced to the frontlines, robbing shoulders with South Africa, and negotiating to become Africa’s Number. One economy. Some say it is already, at least on the tables of those who calculate those numbers.

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Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Rising!

At the end of 2013 and also at the beginning of 2014, Action Africa staff members made scheduled trips into Sierra Leone both to evaluate some of our projects there and also to prepare the ground for planned program expansion for the coming years. As a result of the efforts, a new local entity was finally born. ACTION SALONE ON HEATH AND EDUCATION (ASHE), with an office in Freetown, and another office in Lunsar, becomes the partner entity that oversees and implements Action Africa programs in various parts of the country

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A Word From The President

One late evening last fall, we joined a large gathering of Africans and friends here in the Washington DC area who responded in support of the medical outreach programs of a community group known as the “Elegant Women Association of Oru, Inc. (EWA)” This group of beautiful, hard-working…


New Event!

A Taste of Africa

Action Africa's Annual Fundraiser Dinner and Thanksgiving Event.

Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 8 p.m - 12 a.m.
La Fontaine Bleue Ballroom, 7963 Annapolis Road, Lanham, MD

Ethnic menu, Music & Dance, Awards, Thanksgiving..

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