Pierre Bergeron, Esq., M.Div., Development Director

Mr. Bergeron came to serve Action Africa Inc. in Washington, D.C. and its affiliates, African Action on Health and Education in Nigeria and Action Salone on Health and Education in Sierra Leone, in order to address the disparity between the quality of life for many peoples on the African Continent and that found in the U.S. and the developed world. He translates his legal skills into packaging for funding development ideas that arise from the African network identified through Action Africa Inc. and its affiliates. For example, he formalized into a proposal a documented need by African educators for computer literacy among secondary and primary school children in Enugu State, Nigeria. He states that while formerly, he affected one child at a time in special education, through the Action Africa network, he now is able to join his African colleagues in reaching 700 children which can easily be expanded to 3400 children in the coming year.

Pierre came to us in 2015 with a lifelong service in the development and human rights field. With a law degree and Masters in Divinity, he has advocated for the poor in Liberia, Haiti and the metropolitan DC area. He codified the Geneva Conventions and Protocols as a defense for NGOs during the apartheid era in South Africa in a book entitled the “Rights of the Oppressed.” He laid out an agenda for appropriate development in his America magazine article, “The Haitian Tragedy, A Case on Point for the Justice Ministry.”

Pierre has advocated for the poor in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area by advocating in court and administrative hearings in the areas of special education, child abuse and neglect, and intellectual disability with several published opinions. He continues to practice part-time in D.C. Superior Court. He also served as a live-in resident director for 5 years for African American students attending college in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

He enjoys serving the African community in the development needs identified by them, knowing that development is the foundation for all human rights.

Pierre is originally from Maine, and of French Canadian descent where his first language is French. Every year he travels for vacation to a different country that has impacted our civilization. He looks forward to meeting as many people as possible from different cultures and culling new ideas that can be formalized into appropriate development proposals and strategies that address inequities.