Action Africa, Inc. “One Village at a Time”

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Action Africa welcomes your participation at this fabulous awareness and fundraising event that includes keynote speakers, raffle and silent auction items, an exciting African menu, South African wines, and cultural music. 



    Action Africa Inc. is a volunteer run 501(c) 3 organization based in Washington DC. A Board of Directors that establishes and oversees implementation of policy manages it.  Led by a team of relief and development professionals, it works to increase sustainable economic self-sufficiency for sub-Saharan African youth and families through the provision of medical, educational, and business development activities.  In addition, Action Africa provides assistance to newly arriving African immigrants and refugees here in the Washington DC area, as they strive to begin a new future. 

Action Africa in Sierra Leone


Recently, Action Africa partnered with U.S.-based Project Cure, which provides medical equipment and supplies to non-profit organizations in underserved areas across the globe.  Project Cure receives donations of medical equipment and supplies from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies nationally.  Action Africa raised the funds to ship the first 40-foot container of supplies to the Government Hospital Magburka, Sierra Leone. It was delivered to the Hospital on July 20, 2012.  The estimated value of each shipment is $500,000 and the cost to ship/deliver each container is $24,000.  Action Africa has plans to ship 5 more containers to hospitals in Sierra Leone.




Action Africa’s Surround A Child Program


    Action Africa has a “Surround-A-Child” education sponsorship program.  Children are the heart of village life and serve as the principal focus of Action Africa’s program initiatives.  By “surrounding” children with the support they need, Action Africa aims to set them on the path of economic independence and ultimately contribute to the stabilization of the village community. Action Africa has such programs in Sierra Leone and Nigeria, for a monthly support of $15 per child.


Action Africa’s Womens Enterprise Program


    A well-structured micro-credit program enables families to break out of the cycle of poverty and dependence.   ActionAfrica has begun a Women’s Enterprise Business in Sierra Leone and Nigeria by identifying groups of 100 women who attended workshops and developed an idea. It is within the micro-enterprise concept that small amounts of resources lead to potentially significant outcomes.  Action Africa welcomes additional donations in order to further support this program in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Congo, and Nigeria. Business capital for a family is $100.




Support for Our Programs


    Action Africa’s programs rely on the generous support of its donors, supporters and volunteers.  Africa’s overarching goal is to become sustained, self-supporting and a proud continent, where communities are economically strengthened to support their schools, health centers, clean water, and development infrastructure.

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