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A Taste of Africa was such a success for Action Africa that we would like to share our eventful evening with all those that were not able to join:

Over 150 family, friends and colleagues came to The Top of The Town, intrigued to hear about our cause and to offer their support and commitment, all surrounded by a breathtaking view!

Not only did we raise money, but more importantly we raised awareness, shared past accomplishments and future goals that we are now closer to acheiving.

All guests were inspired by the optomistic speeches from each of our speakers. Our guest speaker Charles Mann, inspired us to be motivated in taking action to help others, and to be proud of the accomplishments that each of us have made thus far.
Just as inspiring, was 16 year old Jimmy Lemkemeier who flew in from St. Louis, Missouri to talk to all of us about the organization that he created, “A Village in Need.” Jimmy noticed that jerseys and other sporting equipment were being thrown away after seasons ended, so Jimmy took the initiative to begin collecting all these supplies and working to send them to various African villages in need…did I mention he is 16?

Although Charles Mann and Jimmy Lemkemier’s speeches would have been moving and encouraging for any event alone, we also had the fortunate experience of having Clare Cunningham, speak and represent Project C.U.R.E. Meeting Clare was an honor, and we will continue to work with Project C.U.R.E, and send medical supply shipments to villages in need in SIerra Leone and Nigeria. Our relationship with Project C.U.R.E, is a big advantage for Action Africa- and in turn the people in need of Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Other exciting updates for Action Africa include the upload of all of the pictures from A Taste of Africa, (please ‘like’ our facebook page) as it is constinuously updated with efforts and exciting events of Action Africa. Our documentary has also been posted, this documentary is on medical supplies that arrived in Magbukra Hospital in Sierra Leone. It is remarkable to see the excitment of all the villagers as the medical supplies arrive, it truly puts importance in perspective as people of all ages are ecstatic over the arrival of basic medical supplies.

We are also excited to announce that Action Africa was thrilled with the outcome of ‘A Taste of Africa’ enough that ‘A Taste of Africa’ will officially become an annual event! So to all those that were at our first ‘A Taste of Africa’ we are forever grateful, and to those that were not able to make it, no worries- we look forward to seeing you next year!


Dr. Chris Nwaka Egbulem
President, Action Africa, Inc

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