In 2014, Action Africa was a leader in bringing much-needed intervention and aid to Ebola-ravaged West Africa, especially to Sierra Leone. International aid and attention often ended up in big cities while much of the disaster occurred in rural communities and villages.

During the crisis, many farmlands were turned into emergency cemeteries, thus effectively separating people from their regular locus of food production and nutritional sustenance. If, as many have suggested, the Ebola virus is far more toxic than has been admitted, or even nuclear in nature, then sensible agriculture can only occur very far away from the epicenter of the outbreaks and burials.

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Health organizations from around the world are sending supplies and specialists to the West African countries that are dealing with the worst Ebola outbreak in history. On a smaller scale, ordinary Americans and African expatriates living in the United States are doing the same. VOA's Carol Pearson reports.


Action Africa is reaching out and partnering with local community organizations, cooperative entities, farmers’ groups and others in an effort to be an effective catalyst in growing more food and providing nutrition to local populations in Africa. This effort is occurring in many fronts. Although much of our program outreach in previous years have centered in the two West African countries of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, this current food security program has attracted interest even as far away in East Africa as Uganda. Action Africa remains... continue reading

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Corporate Support Toward Stopping Ebola Outbreak

Many people who already consider themselves friends of Action Africa, and others who have come to appreciate our mission, are well connected with other Business entities, Corporations, and the like, across the country. Action Africa asks to connect with Corporations and Business entities, large and small, to request for sponsorship and partnership in our program development and implementation both here in the US and abroad. Action Africa will receive donations... Read more

A Word From The President

Here we are at the beginning of summer of 2015. Already, my family and I have had the opportunity to be at a number of celebrations: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and especially, graduations. All around the Washington-Baltimore region, and I believe it must be the same all around the country, ballrooms are rocking and backyards are simmering with aroma of he good life. At the end of each of these gatherings, people pick up and thrash barely-bitten hamburgers...

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A Taste of Africa

Action Africa's
Annual Fundraiser
Dinner and
Thanksgiving Event.

Saturday, November 14, 2015
8 p.m - 12 a.m.
La Fontaine Bleue Ballroom
7963 Annapolis Road
Lanham, MD

Ethnic menu, Music & Dance, Awards, Thanksgiving..

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